Fall 2019 Recruitment Schedule

Monday, September 23: Mandatory Orientation

All formal recruitment participants must attend this orientation, which will take place at 2pm on Monday, September 23 in Royce Hall. Doors will open for check-in at 1pm - please plan to arrive a bit early!

*We are aware of mandatory campus orientation activities and will do our best to work around those*

Panhellenic formal recruitment takes place from Monday, September 23 to Sunday, September 29.


Classes do not begin until Thursday, September 26, so please don't worry about missing recruitment events for class! If your class runs until 5:50PM or after on Thursday, or 4:50PM or after on Friday, please email Emma at recruitment.pan.ucla@gmail.com

Round One

Open House Round

Tuesday, September 24, 8:30AM - 9:55PM

During the first round, PNMs will be introduced to Panhellenic life at UCLA. Every PNM will visit each participating chapter for 25 minutes each, and Rho Gamma groups will travel together from house to house. Don't worry about trying to impress chapter women - they want to get to know you and give you a glimpse of their sisterhood. 

After this round, PNMs will preference their eight most preferred chapters and then their three least preferred in order. PNMs never "cut" a chapter.

Round Two

Sisterhood Round

Wednesday, September 25, 10:00AM - 8:35PM

PNMs will have up to eight chapters to visit during Round Two. Chapters will give PNMs tours of their homes, sharing what it's like to live in their sorority house. During this round, PNMs should ask chapter members about their sorority's finances and any live-in requirements (some chapters require members to live in their house at least one year.)

After this round, PNMs will preference their five most preferred chapters and then their three least preferred in order. PNMs never "cut" a chapter.

Round Three

Impact Round

Part 1: Thursday, September 26, 6:00PM - 10:25PM

Part 2: Friday, September 27, 5:00PM - 10:20PM

PNMs will have up to five chapters to visit during Round Three. Each chapter will highlight the impacts their members, philanthropy work, and community service has on campus and larger communities, as well as the impact the chapter has had on its members. Parties will be longer, so PNMs will have more time to talk about chapters' personalities and values.

After this round, PNMs will preference their two most preferred chapters and then their three least preferred in order. PNMs never "cut" a chapter.

Round Four

Preference Round

Saturday, September 28, 2:00PM - 6:45PM

PNMs will have up to two chapters to visit during Round Four. Preference Round focuses on the deepest aspects of sorority life: sisterhood and ritual. Preference parties are the longest parties of recruitment, and chapters will invite PNMs to participate in a ceremony that offers a glimpse of their ritual.

After this round, PNMs will preference the chapters they attend and sign the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement, which will be explained to them during preferencing.

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