Fall 2020 Recruitment Schedule

Please note: Fall 2020 Recruitment has ended. Please stay tuned for future membership opportunities and details.

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment for Fall 2020 took place virtually from Monday, September 28th to Sunday, October 4th.


Classes do not begin until Thursday, October 1st, so please don't worry about missing recruitment events for class! If your class runs until 4:50PM or after on Thursday, or 3:50PM or after on Friday, please email Ryley at recruitment.pan.ucla@gmail.com.

Round One

Open House Round

Monday, September 28th,2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Round One will give PNMs their first glimpse into each chapter. PNMs will record short videos on SparkHire for each chapter to view beforehand, and then on the day of Round One, PNMs will meet with their Rho Gamma group to watch short videos from each chapter. 

After this round, PNMs will preference their eight most preferred chapters and then their three least preferred in order. PNMs never "cut" a chapter.

Round Three

Impact Round

Day 1: Thursday, October 1st, 5:00PM - 8:25PM

Day 2: Friday, October 2nd, 4:00PM - 9:15PM

PNMs will have up to five chapters to visit over Zoom during Round Three. Each chapter will highlight the impacts their members, philanthropy work, and community service has on campus and larger communities, as well as the impact the chapter has had on its members in a short video. Then, PNMs will have the chance to get to know more chapter members during their conversations. Parties will be longer, so PNMs will have more time to talk about chapters' personalities and values.

After this round, PNMs will preference their two most preferred chapters and then their three least preferred in order. PNMs never "cut" a chapter.

Round Two

Home Round

Day 1: Tuesday, September 29th, 10:00AM - 4:25PM

Day 2: Wednesday, September 30th, 12:10PM - 6:35PM

PNMs will have up to eight chapters to visit over Zoom during Round Two. Chapter members will present short videos to PNMs showcasing the home-away-from-home and the sense of community that their chapter has given them. Then, PNMs will have their first conversations with chapter members where they will get a better feel for the amazing women that make up each chapter. During this round, PNMs may want to ask chapter members about their sorority's finances and any live-in requirements (some chapters require members to live in their house at least one year.)

After this round, PNMs will preference their five most preferred chapters and then their three least preferred in order. PNMs never "cut" a chapter.

Round Four

Preference Round

Sunday, October 4th, 8:00AM - 12:05PM

PNMs will have up to two chapters to visit over Zoom during Round Four. Preference Round focuses on the deepest aspects of sorority life: sisterhood and ritual. Each chapter will have their own way of sharing these special features with PNMs virtually. Preference parties are the longest parties of recruitment, and PNMs should gain a wholehearted understanding of their final chapters. 

After this round, PNMs will preference the chapters they attend and sign the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement, which will be explained to them during preferencing.

Later on Sunday, a virtual Bid Day will take place for PNMs to receive their bids and for chapters to welcome their new members! More details on Bid Day to come.